48th Annual Downtown Brevard Christmas Parade

Annual Downtown Brevard Christmas Parade

Application & Information

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 3PM

A Hero’s Christmas – A Salute to Our Veterans.

Brought to you by the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored By: The Oaks of Brevard & Egolf of Brevard

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The weather is getting cooler and soon the leaves will have fallen from the trees, allowing us better views of the clear blue December skies. These are just some of the clues Mother Nature sends to let us know that the Christmas season is right around the corner. Another clue, although not nature-sent, is the sound of preparations being made for the Annual Downtown Brevard Christmas Parade. Brought to you by the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Egolf of Brevard and The Oaks of Brevard, the 48th Annual Downtown Brevard Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 7 at 3pm, rain or shine.

This year’s theme, “A Hero’s Christmas – a Salute to Our Veterans”, is in honor of our Grand Marshal, The Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas. In 2016, founder and curator, Emmett Casciato, came into the visitor center with a big idea. He described his personal collection of military artifacts and his vision for a museum to house them. There was no denying his passion for this project and we were confident in his ability to realize his dream. Since then, the museum has been housed in several locations, currently in the annex of the courthouse. Of course any smart visionary will enlist qualified help so Emmett made the right connections and ended up with an assistant curator, Tom Bugala, a media manager, Ken Corn, and a board of directors including David Morrow, Phil Davis, Michel Robertson, Janis Allen, Carl Newman, Mike Di Rocco, John Flynn, Beth Robertson and others previously mentioned. The museum’s 1944 Jeep named Lulu will lead the Parade with Tom Bugala and Ken Corn dressed in WWII uniforms. We are proud to celebrate the men and women who have sacrificed for us and our country as well as the men and women who have dedicated countless hours to bring the museum to life.

The parade will begin at Brevard High School and continue down Country Club Road and Broad Street through downtown, ending at Brevard College. Applications can be requested by contacting Prentiss Brewer at 828-883-3700 or prentiss@brevardncchamber.org, or pick one up at the Chamber of Commerce at 175 East Main Street. Fully completed applications including entry fee of $15.00 per organization are due by Friday, November 22.


Is there a maximum number of entries?
No. The more the merrier!
Do I need to register for the parade?
If you have a float or entry you would like announced you MUST register by November 22. Only emergency vehicles and classic cars do not need to register.
How much does it cost to enter the parade?
There is a $15 registration fee. Organizations with more than one entry may pay $20 to cover all their entries.
When should we arrive at the High School?
The earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the front of the parade. Arrive as early as noon and as late as 2:15pm. Floats are judged at 1:30pm and the deadline to check in is 2:30pm.
Where and why do I need to check in?
Check-in is in front of the cafeteria on the lawn at Brevard High School. Please check in by 2:30pm. If you do not check in we will assume you did not show and your entry will not be announced at the square. When you do check in you will receive a number to put in the inside front, passenger’s side windshield of your vehicle facing out. We will pull the corresponding numbered card to announce you in the square.
Will the parade be broadcast?
WGCR radio will carry the parade live and will follow the same procedure mentioned above to announce your entry.
How will I know when to go?
We line floats up in the order they arrive. A volunteer will ask you to go when it’s time.
Can we stop and perform during the parade?
A group may stop and perform at the intersection of Main and Broad for the Mayor (our emcee). Performances should last no more than one minute. No other stops will be allowed.
Can we hand out flyers or candy?
No handouts can be given out unless attached to candy. PLEASE do not throw candy from your float or vehicle. This causes an unsafe situation when children run out into the road. Candy can be handed out by people walking beside your float.
Is there a rain date?
No. The parade takes place rain or shine.

Christmas Parade Rules 2019

  1. Advance registration is a must! Please return your signed application form by November 22, 2019.
    Upon arrival at the High School, please visit the tent at the front left corner of the building. This is where you check in. CHECK IN IS REQUIRED. You will be assigned a number at that time so that you can be announced at the square in the correct order.
  2. The following types of vehicles are not allowed:
    A. 18 wheelers B. Mini Bikes C. ATV’s or Go-Carts
  3. For the safety of onlookers and participants, please do not throw candy or other items from your vehicle. Disregarding this rule could jeopardize your chances of being in future parades. Walkers may hand out candy from beside their float.
  4. No entries shall use the parade for advertising merchandise. However, businesses can display the name of their business on their entry.
  5. Parade entries shall be decorated in a festive manner, preferably relating to the theme.
  6. Entries making political/social statements will not be allowed.
  7. Only one Emergency Response Vehicle per fire district. The area from the Transylvania County Library to the Transylvania Times is to remain siren free.
  8. After lining up, please remain with your entry. Judging will begin at 1:30pm.
  9. Maintain 30 feet between each entry for the safety of participants and to provide spectators with the best view. At the same time, be sure to keep moving to prevent gaps.
  10. Only one Santa shall be in the parade. The Chamber of Commerce has made these arrangements.
  11. No horses will be allowed to participate in the parade. Any pet participating must ride on a float or inside a vehicle.

FLOAT PARTICIPANTS MUST ENTER THROUGH THE BACK ENTRANCE OF THE HIGH SCHOOL OFF GALLIMORE ROAD VIA GREENVILLE HIGHWAY. No floats except for the Grand Marshal, Honor Guard, Chamber of Commerce and other invited participants will be allowed admittance from the Country Club Road entrance. See parade staging map.